Are you looking for fun games to play when you are bored at home or in class? Or at work? You've come to the right place.

Playing games on the computer is one of the things to do when you are bored.

There are many games to play online to entertain yourself. Some take just a few minutes to complete, for a quick fix, and others can keep you engaged for the duration of a few months (you only need to play for a few minutes a day though).

Some websites offer flash games that are really fun.

Here are some hand picked online games that will make your boredom go away for sure.


Top games to play when bored

1. Extreme skater - The perfect game to dispell your boredom!

2. Evony - a fantasy strategy war game.

3. Utopia - another strategy war game.

4. Ogame - a space strategy game.

5. Human age - a simulation game situated in several eras throughout the evolution of humanity.

6. Grecopolis a browser based management game with nice graphics.


There are many fun games to play when bored so remember not to lose too much time while playing them!

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